We have deep roots in agriculture, and we understand the importance of being good stewards of land, water and air — all of which are critical to our business and the people we serve.

As we have grown and evolved in recent years, our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility has grown along with us. But what is truly exciting is that the best for these efforts — and for our company — is yet to come.


We are committed to producing and supplying organic grains, oilseeds and vegetables to a growing world population, while minimizing our environmental impact. That’s why we carefully monitor our assets’ carbon footprint, as well as their energy, water usage and waste.

Our environmental protection efforts are based on the following principles:

  • Understanding our impact
    We identify and assess opportunities to protect the environment throughout the regions in which we work, at all levels of our operations and at every step of our value chain.
  • Meeting environmental standards
    Before establishing our operations, we obtain environmental licenses from the appropriate authorities. When no formal license is required, we comply with applicable local environmental law.
  • Protecting biodiversity around our assets
    Protecting the biodiversity of habitats surrounding our facilities is a priority both in the expansion and day-to-day running of our asset network globally. We carry out environmental and social impact assessments before commencing any projects.


Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) matters are key business priorities and success enablers at Grainbow – Nagyszentjánosi Agrárgazdasági Ltd.

Our vision is to create a safe workplace, with minimal impact to the environment, and ensuring that our people, as well as any third party working with us, returns home safely and without injury every day.

In addition to providing all necessary protective equipment and duty-specific training to ensure the safety of our employees, we are constantly investing in safety enhancements to protect them. We also make sure that our facilities are built and maintained to operate safely, for the protection of our employees, contractors, visitors and the environment.

At the same time, recognizing that every individual plays a key part in making that vision a reality, we expect our employees to take personal responsibility for ensuring safety in their workplace.

In practice, this means employees at all levels are responsible for the effective implementation of SHE policies and procedures, complying with applicable laws, regulations, rules and codes. In parallel, Grainbow – Nagyszentjánosi Agrárgazdasági Ltd Site Managers in our industrial, logistic and agricultural units are accountable for ensuring consistent implementation of the company’s safety and health programs, adopting industry standards where applicable.