About us

About us

At GRAINBOW – Nagyszentjánosi Agrar Ltd – our goal is to cultivate the most irresistible, nutrient-rich organic grains, oilseeds and vegetables we can, while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. For our company, great taste, real nutrition and a thriving countryside go hand in hand, you simply don’t get one without the others.

Our tillage and planting are timed for optimum seed germination and natural weed control. Our organic crops are grown in rich soil, using fermented cattle slurry from our 2500 dairy cows. The manure with help of a pipeline system is connected to the machine that works on the field, working the slurry directly into the soil. That is how we minimalize trampling, nutrient losses and protect our soils from erosion. After harvest, we incorporate our grain-straw back into the soil that it came from.

The irrigation system plays a significant role for our water management. What shows the extent of this system is that we spread about 2,5 million cubic metres of water on more than 1500 hectares per year. The water abstraction is from the Danube in Nagyszentjános and it is led to the booster systems in a 5 km long concrete-lined channel.

We develop the machine park every year and match the farming equipment’s to the cultivation needs. Autopilot on tractors, harrows, cultivators with camera and the newest technology in the farming systems guarantee the precision plant production, which can keep the quality high and the costs low.

GRAINBOW – Nagyszentjánosi Agrar Ltd is also a very proud partner of the most significant international seed producers, providing them with high-quality seeds year after year.